BEC 6200WZL R6

As low as $13.06/mo. 

Fuel Price: $309.99 
2 Year Contract Price: $159.99 


The router is an economic router ideal for SOHO users, office users and event organizers to have an improved wireless access with a speed of up to 150 Mbps. You can enjoy non-stop wireless access with this economic mobile 3G/4G embedded router. Communication through BEC 6200WZL is convenient and wide-available-allowing you to watch movies, download music on the road, run media-intensive application, or access e-mail with your client, team members, friends or family no matter where you are. You can even share your internet with others, whether you’re in a meeting or speeding across the country on a train. The router can even function as a FTP server for network device sharing. The integrated wireless technology allows wireless access up to 150Mbps

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3G, 4G/LTE

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