Network Outage Update

Updated 8/18 2:21pm

After network restoration early this morning, some customers began receiving a calling error message in isolated areas. Early testing did not reveal these calling errors. 

Our techs are narrowing in on the issue, and this process is taking longer than anticipated; however, we expect a resolution soon.

Thank you for your patience. We appreciate those of you who’ve reached out with specific information to assist us in the process.

Update 8/18 @ 10:03am

The Inland Cellular Network has been restored. Our voice and data services should be functioning as normal before the outage.

Minor adjustments and testing will continue throughout the weekend. Please turn your device off, wait a moment, then power your device back on.

Our team worked hard to complete this massive task and will continue to work through the weekend. We are thankful for your support and patience.


The Latest News from Inland Cellular

S9 and S9+


Samsung S9 and S9+

The next product in the Samsung Galaxy line is out and on the shelves of your local Inland Cellular stores. The beautiful edge to edge 5.8-inch display on the S9 and 6.2-inch display on the S9+ is sure to catch your attention. The curve of the screen gives you a full HD+ display with high resolution.

Samsungs focus on this new device is the camera. It has some really captivating features that will make you feel like a professional photographer. The S9+ features a double lens that allows different angles and more advanced features. The features that have me the most intrigued are the slow motion and the super slow-motion camera. They allow you to make your own GIF’s and are made to easily share with your friends. Come in today and check out the new S9 and S9+ at your local Inland Cellular.

Click here to Check out the Samsung S9!