Request for Proposal for Fixed Wireless Access System

Inland Cellular is pleased to issue this Request for Proposal (RFP, herein referenced as project ICMT01) for the implementation of a Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) system in the following areas (herein referenced as the “Service Area”): Cascade, Fergus, Flathead, Lake, Musselshell, Missoula, Glacier, Pondera, Rosebud, and Lincoln. The Project will cover 1,002 road miles via terrestrial Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) to achieve internet speeds of at least 100 Mbps upload/100 Mbps download to 10,336 Residential, including 8,833 Housing Units, 869 Businesses, 30 Community Anchor Institutions.
The purpose of this project is to provide high-speed internet access to unserved & underserved areas in our community, and we are excited to be awarded funding through the ConnectMT grant program to make this project a reality.
Inland Cellular is committed to providing reliable and affordable broadband services to our customers. We recognize that access to high-speed internet is essential for education, healthcare, economic development, and social connectivity in today's world. Therefore, we are eager to partner with a qualified OEM/solutions integrator who shares our vision and can help us deliver this project on time and within our budget.
Through this RFP, we seek to identify an OEM/solutions integrator with the equipment, technical expertise, experience, and resources to help us build a state-of-the-art FWA system in accordance with the specifications and requirements outlined in this document. We invite all interested and qualified parties to submit a proposal that demonstrates their ability to meet our needs and goals.
We look forward to reviewing the proposals and working with the selected party/ies to deliver a successful project that will have a positive impact on our community.


  • RFP Posted July 20, 2023 open for 30 days.
  • RFP Submission Deadline – August 19, 2023 closes at 5:00pm MST/MDT.
  • Contract Negotiation including pricing and payments terms for responding parties – From date of formal response to RFP until Selection Date
  • Selection Date – August 26, 2023
  • Performance period will be verification of solution for each deployed tower location rolling over the performance period. Please provide a suggested rollout as part of your bid.
  • Delivery of ordered solutions to begin as early as Late October 2023.
  • The total project duration (i.e., the total operational lifetime of the proposed solution) must be complete 30 months before the performance period start date. Applicants must make sure that this is reflected in their budget justification (Exhibit A) including any required deposits and all estimated delivery dates.

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Please Contact the Project Manager Lowell Feldman