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Incoming Call Routing Issues – Affecting Specific Line Ranges

Some customers have been experiencing problems with calls placed from other networks not being able to reach the Inland network, resulting in the calls not being able to be delivered to our customers. This only occurs with specific line ranges. When a call is placed from the network, such as from a landline or another cell phone carrier, it must travel through their network and find our network, sometimes utilizing third-party transport links and/or networks. It sometimes occurs that the call never gets to our network. Since it doesn’t hit our network, we cannot deliver the call to our customer (or even know it was placed).

The only way to troubleshoot and resolve these issues is for the person who made the original call (not our customer) to contact their phone service provider and open a trouble ticket. Then, if that provider contacts us, we can work through the problem and fix it. Unfortunately, this rarely happens; and, even when it does, the fix is not only just for that particular line range but also often temporary. This is a very frustrating issue for our customers, as well as for us.

We are working on a new solution that we expect to be permanent across all line ranges affected. We are changing some of our routing to a new partner provider because they control more routes and can troubleshoot issues quickly without using multiple other partners. This migration will take some time as we must work with all other phone providers to route calls differently, but we expect to complete it by the end of 2023.

Thank you for your patience as we work to get this problem resolved definitively.