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Network Update


Updated 8/18 2:20pm

After network restoration early this morning some customers began receiving a calling error message in isolated areas. Early testing did not reveal these calling errors.

Our techs are narrowing in on the issue, and this process is taking longer than anticipated; however, we expect a resolution soon.

Thank you for your patience. We appreciate those of you who’ve reached out with specific information to assist us in the process.

Updated 8/18 10:06am

The Inland Cellular Network has been restored. Our voice and data services should be functioning as normal before the outage.

Minor adjustments and testing will continue throughout the weekend. Please turn your device off, wait a moment, then power your device back on.

Our team worked hard to complete this massive task and will continue to work through the weekend. We are thankful for your support and patience.

Updated 8/17 1:08pm

Due to our success last night, our network technicians will complete the final steps toward full Inland Cellular Network Restoration beginning @ 1am Saturday, August 18.

The process will take a few hours. During this time, voice and texting services may be unavailable in some areas. 4G LTE services will remain fully operational.

We expect full restoration of the Inland Cellular network by Saturday, August 18th at 9am.

Thank you for your patience and support.

Updated 8/16 11:43am

We are moving toward providing full restoration of our voice network. At this time the essential equipment that was flown to Texas is in the final stages of being repaired and will be flown back tonight around midnight. Upon its arrival, we will begin implementing restoration. The process to reestablish connectivity is extensive and will take a minimum of 48 hours.

The current temporary roaming fix will continue to work, which means that customers in areas where we have partner carriers will be able to send and receive calls. Texting (SMS) services are still operational.

To our customers in Inland only areas as a company, our focus has always been on providing coverage to rural and underserved areas. That’s why we are the only provider with coverage in many remote areas. We do care, we care about all of our customers in every area, the reason you don’t have service is that our temporary fix allows our customers to roam and since there are no other providers in your areas, you cannot roam. You will have calling when you travel to areas covered by our partner carriers. It’s a frustrating answer for us to have to give, we assure you we don’t like saying it. We are focusing our efforts on full restoration to restore service to all areas.

If you are in an Inland only coverage area: we have enabled 3G services. If you see 3G, 4G or LTE on your device, please enable airplane mode, wait for a moment, then disable airplane mode. This will reestablish your connection to our 3G network if it is available.

We want to thank you again for your patience.

Updated 8/15 11:04pm

The temporary fix for incoming calling is still in progress. Currently, incoming and outgoing calling services for over 13,000 customers have been restored successfully. This process is taking longer than initially expected, but will continue to run through the night and is anticipated to finish tomorrow morning.

Prepaid Fuel services are being restored. This temporary fix is also still in progress.

MMS messaging will be restored in the morning.

Any data usage incurred during this outage will not acquire charges. This usage will show on your account, but no charges will be incurred during this outage period.

For most customers in Inland only service areas, we have re-enabled 3G services to provide data communications. Customers will have calling when they travel to areas covered by our partner carriers.


Updated 8/15 2:39pm

This afternoon we received approval from the FCC and have begun initiating the temporary fix for incoming calling. This is time intensive, please be patient as we work through the process. It may take several hours to complete.

Text Messaging (SMS) will continue to work, both incoming and outgoing, however, picture messaging and group messaging (MMS) to other carriers will not work. MMS from Inland customer to Inland Customers will work. Efforts to restore voicemail services are still underway.

If you are an Inland Cellular customer who lives in an area where Inland is the only provider last night’s fix affected you differently. In order to initiate the process for all devices to work, we had to temporarily suspend our voice and 3G network in all areas. We are identifying areas where 3G was suspended that have no partner carrier coverage and customers are left without communications, we will re-enable 3G in those specific areas to provide data communication.

So, if you are in an Inland only area as we turn 3G services back on you will have data again, but still not have voice services. You will have voice services in areas with coverage from our partner carriers. We will have more information on an ETA for voice services in these specific areas late this evening.

All other customers should see incoming and outgoing calling restored this evening.


Updated August 15th 9:30am

We are still awaiting approval from the FCC to allow for incoming calls. Upon today’s approval, we will begin the process of fixing incoming calls. Our team will work to get this completed as quickly as possible.

We are currently working on voicemail and getting that system back online.

We have not been hacked. There is no breach in that area. All customer information is secure and stored off-site. That equipment has not been affected.

There are no roaming costs associated with this fix. Your device may say it’s roaming, but we will not be charging any roaming fees during this outage period.

We have had numerous requests for bill credits. Our current focus is on restoring our network, however, we will be addressing the best way to take care of our customers after services have been fully restored.

We are continuing work on full restoration to Prepay customers (FUEL or Advanced Pay) at this time.

Outlying communities where Inland Cellular is the only provider will not be able to take advantage of the roaming services. Upon complete restoration of our network, Inland Cellular will continue to serve these remote communities.

Once again, we want to thank you for your support as we progress toward restoring our network.


Updated August 14th 4:28pm

At this time we have begun to initiate the fix for voice network roaming. Beginning at 5pm this course of action will happen in groups and work its way through our customer base. Customers may need to power cycle their device for this change to take effect.

This means customers will be able to place outbound voice calls. Inbound calls are still not functioning. FCC approval is required for the temporary fix for inbound calling to take place. We have been in communications with the FCC and approval is expected by Wednesday morning (Aug 15th).

Progress is continuing on text messaging services and we will have an update soon. Thank you for your continued patience.


Updated August 14th 8:30am

Progress was made last night on restoring voice service. We are working on two fronts: restoring our voice core to be fully functional and allowing voice roaming on partner networks. Additional work is being done, with the goal of having at least partial voice service restored by this evening. Our data network remains fully functional at this time. Thank you, again, for your patience.


Updated August 13th 10:09pm

Due to heavy smoke, flights were delayed while returning equipment, because of this delay voice services will not be fully functional tonight. Some equipment has arrived and our network technicians are committed to working through the night toward a partial voice restoration. As more equipment arrives our crew will continue to work toward restoring our voice network. Our data network remains fully functional at this time.


9:44am: We are currently experiencing a voice network outage due to a major commercial power disruption. This outage caused surges and spikes, which destroyed our battery backups and generators, damaging essential hardware and information.

We are in the process of restoring the information needed to run our voice network. We are working with our business partners to set up alternative routes for voice traffic until our switch is fully functional. Currently, equipment is being flown via three private jets from various parts of the country to restore our service. We understand the severity of this situation and we are exhausting all resources to solve this problem as quickly as possible. Voice services will not be restored today; our target resolution is Monday evening. We will continue to update our target resolution time as we work to resolve this unfortunate incident.

The information needed to run the backup systems was damaged so severely that we are unable to implement our backup voice switch. Our backup protocol for 4G & LTE services functioned properly and those services are restored. Email communications & data services are functional.

We encourage our customers to reach out to our support team for help on alternative communication options. As we experience this together, we will continue to move forward and work to provide exceptional customer service.

All of our retail locations are open today and our customer support team and business reps are available to assist you.

We thank you for your continued support.


  1. Randy Behrens on August 13, 2018 at 4:54 pm

    Any progress report since 9:30 a.m.?

  2. Beatrice L Dorsett on August 13, 2018 at 6:02 pm

    Sure feeling helpless because of this cruel act of nature especially with a son on the fire lines and not being able to be notified if he gets hurt or killed. Thanks a lot! Not to mention losing business income I depend on to survive this cruel life.