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VoLTE services within the Inland Cellular Regional Area

We are transitioning customers to VoLTE services within the Inland Cellular regional area. This process will roll out to customers in phases based on geographical regions. You will receive a text before the changes occur in your area with the date the changes will take effect.

If you’ve received the text, your device will use Voice-Over LTE (VoLTE) services inside the Inland Cellular Regional area. Earlier this year, national carriers decommissioned their legacy networks and transitioned to VoLTE, so customers traveling outside of the Inland Cellular regional area have already been utilizing VoLTE. The upcoming network changes will transition customers to VoLTE services within our regional area.

You may notice slight differences in coverage after this change. Customers can utilize simultaneous voice and data when voice calls are placed over LTE connections. Simply put, you can use data services while also on a phone call. When both parties utilize a VoLTE calling connection, you will notice a fast call connection, improved call quality, and reduced background noise.

If you experience issues with service following this change, you can fill out a trouble ticket on our website at this link:

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