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Self Troubling-shooting Tips

By Jon Robison / January 21, 2013 / Comments Off on Self Troubling-shooting Tips

What to do before calling tech support when your phone isn’t working   It’s happened to all of us, something has gone wrong with our phone whether we aren’t getting 3G, no signal when we should be, or if your phone just isn’t working. It’s our first inclination to call tech support or Inland Cellular…

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Community Update

By wpengine / January 14, 2013 / Comments Off on Community Update

January 11, 2013 I got to make a delivery that I don’t get to do every day. I can make up to several deliveries of phones or accessories a day being a Business Rep, so delivering a home theater set up to a lucky customer was a bit different! Tina Wilks was the lucky lady…

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Review from CES

By wpengine / January 14, 2013 / Comments Off on Review from CES

     Cue the Sheryl Crow music, because it is time to go home.  As CES 2013 comes to a close, the most important question must now be answered… what does it all mean?  Well, for the most part, the majority of what we saw had absolutely nothing to do with the wireless industry.  CES is, after…

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Bump App

By wpengine / January 7, 2013 / Comments Off on Bump App

Bump App Use Bump™ to share contact information, photos, videos, apps, and files by simply bumping two phones together. Just open Bump, hold your phones, and gently bump your hands together — Bump will magically do all the rest.   • SHARE CONTACTS: Share your contact info; connect on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn • SHARE…

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Wed Pics App

By Jon Robison / January 7, 2013 / Comments Off on Wed Pics App

Let’s face it around the holidays it’s inevitable you and or your friends are getting engaged. While planning for a wedding why not include your phone? Recently I attended my brother and sister in law’s wedding and he and his wife did just that. With an app called WedPics attendees can take pictures of the…

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InstaPicFrame for Instagram

By wpengine / December 19, 2012 / Comments Off on InstaPicFrame for Instagram

  With social media being bigger than ever before, you will see more and more people posting pictures to their Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. I frequently check the Android Play Store for new camera apps that may have come out. I recently came across an app that lets you edit pictures and its specific for Instagram.…

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Wi-Fi and what it does for you and your phone.

By Jon Robison / December 13, 2012 / Comments Off on Wi-Fi and what it does for you and your phone.

  The first and most important thing with using Wi-Fi is that when you are using a Wi-Fi connection you are not using your data plan. Also being on Wi-Fi can save your battery life. To use Wi-Fi go to settings>wireless and network>Wi-Fi settings>Wi-Fi make sure the box is checked to turn Wi-Fi on. When…

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Pudding Camera App

By wpengine / December 10, 2012 / Comments Off on Pudding Camera App

Pudding Camera’s 9 Quality Cameras and 8 Beautiful Films – with various aspect ratios, Multi-frame shots, Fish-eye and toy camera effects – will enable anyone to produce gorgeous photography with DSLR quality. ★Camera Functions – Choose from 9 Quality Cameras and 8 Beautiful Films – Exposure Controls (-2.0~+2.0) – Face Recognition – Grid feature –…

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Holiday Must Have Apps

By wpengine / December 10, 2012 / Comments Off on Holiday Must Have Apps

  It is that season again! Time for all the wrapping paper, ribbons and bows. Everybody is hoping for a white Christmas and to see Santa Clause come down the chimney. Whether you were good or bad this year you can still treat yourself to some fun stuff for your Android phone. I have put…

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Factory Data Reset Tips

By Jon Robison / December 5, 2012 / Comments Off on Factory Data Reset Tips

Oh no I need to do a Factory Data Reset on my phone HELP!!!   First it is not the end with my help we can restore everything on your phone. I know that doing a factory data reset is the last thing anyone wants to do on their phone. Let’s face it sometimes it’s…

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