Network Updates

Calling Service Network Wide – Update 2:00 pm

April 17, 2024

– Update – There are still some intermittent issues going on but most calls are going through. We are continuing to work on getting the issue stabilized.

We are currently experiencing an issue with network equipment impacting our customers’ outbound calls. Customers in areas utilizing our legacy CDMA network can still receive incoming calls, and calls from Inland to Inland customers are unaffected. This issue does not affect text messaging services. Customers utilizing VoLTE services will have issues with incoming and outgoing calling. Our network team is working to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.


VoLTE Services in the Inland Cellular Regional Area

November 16, 2023
We are transitioning customers to Voice-Over LTE  services in our regional area in segments based on geographic location. You will receive a text message from us with a date to tell you when this change will happen on your specific device.
After you receive this text, your device will use Voice-Over LTE (VoLTE) services inside the Inland Cellular Regional area. Earlier this year, national carriers decommissioned their legacy networks and transitioned to VoLTE, so customers traveling outside of the Inland Cellular regional area have already been utilizing VoLTE. The upcoming network changes will transition customers to VoLTE services within our regional area.
You may notice slight differences in coverage after this change. Customers can utilize simultaneous voice and data when voice calls are placed over LTE connections. Simply put, you can use data services while also on a phone call. When both parties are utilize a VoLTE calling connection, you will notice a fast call connection, improved call quality, and reduced background noise.
If you experience issues with service following this change: Click here to fill out a trouble ticket on our website!
Or call our customer support team at 800-248-8822

Voice & Text Messaging Outside Inland Cellular Regional Area

January 25, 2023

iPhone Users
iPhone users will need to enable VoLTE in their device settings. Click here for the steps.

Samsung Users
Samsung users need a software update before those devices can utilize VoLTE services. The timeline for releasing this software update will vary based on the device model.   Click here for the steps and to learn more about VoLTE.

If you do not have the most up-to-date device software, a VoLTE-capable SIM & phone, your calling and text messaging services may be impacted when using our national partners’ networks. LTE data services will remain functional, and customers can utilize over-the-top applications to communicate when outside our home area. LTE data services will remain functional, and customers can utilize over-the-top applications to communicate when outside our home area. Find out if your device & SIM are VoLTE Ready

iMessages and Facetime audio calls for iPhone users will still be functional because these messages travel over the LTE data network.  Samsung users calling via google duo will also work.

Frequently Ask Questions:

How do I know if my device & SIM are VoLTE capable?
You  can check your device and SIM on this page:

Will my cellular data still work outside the Inland Cellular Regional area?
LTE Data services will remain functional, and services inside the Inland Cellular regional area will not change.

What are over-the-top applications?
Over-the-top (OTT) applications are any app on your phone that utilizes cellular data or the internet rather than traditional cellular service.
Commonly used apps: Messenger, Talkatone, WhatsApp, Google Duo, Facetime, Snapchat, Zoom, Teams, Hangouts, Google Voice

I requested a SIM be mailed to me, but I haven’t gotten it; what do I do?
You can always reach out to us, and a rep can check your account to see if your SIM card order is pending. Call us, chat with us online or stop by your nearest location.

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