These phones have been tested and rated for use with hearing aids for some of the wireless technologies that they use. However, there may be some newer wireless technologies used in a phone that have not been tested yet for use with hearing aids. It is important to try the different features of a phone thoroughly and in different locations, using your hearing aid or cochlear implant, to determine if you hear any interfering noise. Please contact Inland Cellular or the manufacturer of the phone for additional information on hearing aid compatibility. If you have questions about Inland Cellular’s return or exchange policies you can review them at, or give us a call.

HAC Ratings

HAC devices are rated in two categories, the "M" and "T" rating. These ratings range from 1 to 4, and the higher the rating number the more compatible the device is with a wider range of hearing aids. The "M" rating refers to radio-frequency emission levels of the wireless device.

Phone feature levels:
Basic Tech Rating – Basic voice and text messaging capabilities.
Mid Tech Rating – Media capable, text messaging, touch screen.
High Tech Rating – Smartphones, data-capable, e-mail capable

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This page was last updated on 9/30/2019.