Community Involvement


Inland Cellular is a regional wireless company that gives back to the communities we live, work and play in.  For 25 years we have been committed to providing the best most comprehensive, customer focused wireless experience in the industry.  Inland Cellular prides itself in partnering with local schools, churches, youth organizations and not for profit agencies in our region.

This year to date we have given 3522 hours of volunteer time back into these communities that we serve.  We have also donated in kind to many of the foundations, causes and needs in our home towns.  We are proud of our communities and the staff members that serve in their roles as friends, mentors, coaches, parents and volunteers.  As a company we proudly have sponsored over $21,000.00 in donations and given away over $250,000.00 in sponsorships, promotions to local businesses, community events and more.  To name all of the organizations that we partner with would take up many pages.  We believe in local and the people that work for and with Inland Cellular.  If it’s local, if it’s worthwhile and if our staff members believe in it and we can help…we will do our best to help support it in some way through our time, our talents, a donation or a financial gift.