Community Involvement

Inland Cellular is a regional wireless company that gives back to the communities we live, work, and play in.  For over 30 years we have been committed to providing the best customer-focused wireless experience in the industry.  Inland Cellular prides itself in partnering with local schools, churches, youth organizations, and not for profit agencies in our region. 2020 was a hard year for everyone and local participation was more important than ever. In 2020, Inland Cellular employees found every way possible to help our community in any was possible.

Volunteer Hours
Organizations Helped
Employees on a Board or Committee

On average we give back $249,525 and 4,050 volunteer hours supporting our communities and local events.  We have also donated in-kind to many of the foundations, causes, and needs in our home towns.  We are proud of our communities and the staff members that serve in their roles as friends, mentors, coaches, parents, and volunteers. Living Inland means we are committed to our communities.  We will do our best to help in some way through our time, our talents, a donation, or a financial gift.