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Community Update

January 11, 2013 I got to make a delivery that I don’t get to do every day. I can make up to several deliveries of phones or accessories a day being a Business Rep, so delivering a home theater set up to a lucky customer was a bit different! Tina Wilks was the lucky lady who won our December sales promotion and I am so glad I got to have the experience. We walked in with a camera crew, balloons and this HUGE TV. She immediately started shaking and crying! She was so excited! The best was when she explained the day they walked into our showroom and dropped the entry into the box, that her 10 year old little boy told her they might win. She explained that there were lots of entries and not to get his hopes up. That morning we did give her a call to let her know that she had won “something”. We also gave away accessories and gas cards so it was possible that she could have won one of those. He again said, “maybe we won the TV!”


Tina got to bring that TV home to her little boy!


It’s pretty great that my job does contests and rewards it’s customers with fabulous prizes, but it’s priceless to see the pure excitement of fulfilling a little boys wish. I know Tina will be a customer forever and in the future? I’m pretty sure we’ll have a teenager that will be getting a phone with Inland Cellular!