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Audible App Review

If you are looking for a great way to catch up on some reading but have little to no time to sit down and crack the binding on your books I have just the solution. Simply go to the Android Play Store and download Audible.

The best way to describe Audible is to compare it to book on tape. What is even better is that Audible downloads your books straight to your phone, that way you can listen to it while you are driving, running errands or even laying by the pool!

I recently listened to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series during my commute to and from work. It took a little time to go through all three books but my usual thirty minute drive felt like a fifteen minute commute.

A great feature that Audible has is when you need to pause your book it keeps track of your place even if you exit the app or even turn your phone off you can open it right back up and dive right in where you left off. Audible will also keep track of where you left off for multiple books as well.

So, before I finish The Hunger Game series I want to recommend the Audible App to anybody that loves to read but does not have a lot of time to sit and read books, a back that can support ten books in a bag or someone that would love to listen to a book while they jog, hike or camp.

Go Bookwormin’!!!!