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BlueAnt S4 – True Handsfree




Is it legal to talk on the phone while you are driving? NO! Is it legal to text while you are driving? NO! Is it legal to use Bluetooth while you are driving? YES! That is why the Blue Ant S4 is the ticket to keep you from getting a ticket!


The Blue Ant S4 mounts easily to your visor and lets you take calls through a speaker that projects the call back to you. You can also use the Blue Ant S4 send texts as well. It actually has a feature that will read your incoming texts to you!


The Blue Ant S4 also has a feature that will play your music from your phone through the speaker on the device itself. This allows you to take the S4 on a picnic and provide tunes while you chow down.


Bottom line, the Blue Ant S4 is the sweetest way to stay connected while on the road without putting your self in a sticky situation with the people that hand out those really expensive pieces of paper.