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CNBC Alarm Clock App

If you are the kind of person that likes to wake up and get caught up on the latest news from around the world, then the CNBC Alarm Clock app should be the next in line for you to download to your Android device powered by the one and only Inland Cellular.




The CNBC Alarm Clock app ( ) is a fully functioning alarm clock equipped with a snooze button for those of us that can wait an extra couple minutes to see what the latest news might be. You can choose your favorite CNBC news anchor to read your news to you and you can also choose from a number of alarm sounds. There is also a random setting so you can get a different news anchor and alarm sound every morning to spice up that golden time of day where everyone is at their best.

With the CNBC Alarm Clock app you can stay up to date on the forecast with weather updates, set reminders for when your favorite news anchor will be appearing and set your alarm specifically for certain days of the week. So if you need to be up early on Monday, Tuesday and Friday but get to sleep an extra hour or two on Wednesday and Thursday your CNBC alarm is ready and capable to handle your schedule.

Find the CNBC Alarm Clock app in the Android Play Store and Turn It On!