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Disinfect Your Device

Your smartphone, as it turns out, is covered with 10 times the amount of bacteria found on a toilet seat. GROSS, right?! Some estimates say that viruses may be able to survive on your devices for up to 9 days. Your lifeline, the one thing that’s constantly in your hand. It’s pressed up against your face while you talk to your family and friends…

Washing your hands the correct way can help eliminate the spread of the virus between you and your loved ones, but what about cleaning your phone?

The good news is that disinfecting wipes will do the trick. Clorox wipes, Lysol wipes, etc.


  • DO use disinfectant wipes that contain 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean your phone screen.
  • DO spray a nonabrasive or alcohol-based (70% isopropyl) disinfectant directly on a soft lint-free cloth and wipe down your device while it is powered down and unplugged.
  • DO take your phone out of its case. – If it’s made of safe-to-wash materials like rubber or hard plastic, give it a good wash with soap and warm water, let it air dry.

There ARE cleaning agents and techniques that should be avoided though.


  • Avoid getting moisture in any openings (such as the charging port)
  • DO NOT use paper towels to clean your phone – they are too abrasive and will scratch the glass.
  • DO NOT use bleach
  • DO NOT use window cleaners
  • DO NOT use kitchen cleaners
  • DO NOT use rubbing alcohol
  • DO NOT use makeup remover
  • DO NOT use dish or hand soap
  • DO NOT use vinegar
  • Some newer phones have a protective coating that resists water and oil, which can wear out over time. Using harsh cleaners (like the ones mentioned above) can strip the coating and could leave your phone more vulnerable to scratches.

Also, if you’d like to cut down on germs accumulated on your screen/case when you use your phone, put your phone down for a few minutes and go wash your hands before getting back to browsing Facebook or Instagram. Even a quick rinse of your hands with hand sanitizer can majorly cut down the sweaty, oily, germ-filled streaks on your screen.