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Flick Golf App


With golf season being in full swing, Flick Golf  is the app you need to dial in your long driving skills when you cannot make it to the course for 18 holes.

Flick Golf takes you to some of the nicest imaginary golf courses in the world! Practice your drives from your pretend yacht or a resort set in the prettiest digital mountains that have never existed.

After you tee up, simply flick(Hints the name Flick Golf) the ball in the direction of the hole. Swipe your screen to add top spin or a little english to your swing to convince that little white ball to head in the direction of the hole. Obviously your goal is to get a hole in one but you get points the closer you get to the hole. Each hole is considered a level and you get about five shots to get a certain number of points in order to advance to the next level.

Check out Flick Golf in the Android Play store today and get your swing on any time!