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New Location in Republic, WA

Announcing our newest agent location in Republic, Washington, and welcoming Joan Smith to the Inland & Emerge Technologies family.

The store is located at 147 N. Clark St #5 Republic WA 99166

Originally named “Eureka” upon the discovery of placer gold in 1895 and the beginning of the gold rush, the town was later named Republic, after the prosperous, local gold mine. You won’t find a traffic light, Walmart, movie theater, waterpark, or fast-food chain in Republic Washington. But you will find outstanding views of the Kettle Range Mountains, unlimited dark skies offering breathtaking views at night, locally owned markets that have been a part of the town for over 100 years, and the best restaurants serving up locally owned homegrown longhorn burgers.

Joan Smith moved to Republic in 2013, leaving the big city behind to seek adventures in the outdoors fishing, and tending to her garden. Joan’s passion for pianos has opened opportunities beyond belief. Joan is the local piano teacher and tuner for more than just Ferry County. Joan now is the driving force behind delivering the community of Ferry County high-speed broadband and reliable internet connections for parents and students all across the county when its needed the most.

We are excited to begin serving the Republic, WA Community.

If you live in Republic, WA, or the surrounding area and you are interested in requesting high-speed internet to your home you can do so by clicking here and filling out the form on our Emerge Technologies site.