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Back in the day people with similar interests in a community would gather once a week or so and work on cars, knit blankets or quilts, put together scrap books or participate in group activities with like minded people so they could all learn from each other.  Techniques for whatever craft they were passionate about were passed around and everybody learned how to better express their creativity.


Today, the same type of community exists but now you can learn from people across the country or world right from your Android phone. Download Pintrest and use the search feature to see what other people with the same creative interests around the world are doing and how they are doing it.



With Pintrest, you can find new recipes from around the globe or a way to put a twist on a current dish you already make, and try them out at home. If you are passionate about wedding photography, tattoos, homemade candles, vintage clothing and furniture or traveling, you can find people with similar interests. Pintrest helps you get some helpful hints on where to go on your vacation to make the most out of your trip, how to make that casserole the envy of your cribbage group or the best way to hide those bright orange running shoes the bride is wearing during your photo shoot.



Download Pintrest from the Google Play Store and craft on!