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S9 and S9+

Samsung S9 and S9+

The next product in the Samsung Galaxy line is out and on the shelves of your local Inland Cellular stores. The beautiful edge to edge 5.8-inch display on the S9 and 6.2-inch display on the S9+ is sure to catch your attention. The curve of the screen gives you a full HD+ display with high resolution.

Samsungs focus on this new device is the camera. It has some really captivating features that will make you feel like a professional photographer. The S9+ features a double lens that allows different angles and more advanced features. The features that have me the most intrigued are the slow motion and the super slow-motion camera. They allow you to make your own GIF’s and are made to easily share with your friends. Come in today and check out the new S9 and S9+ at your local Inland Cellular.

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