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Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch is one of the newest wearables from Apple that allows all main functions of your phone to be on your wrist.

The Apple Watch is a very useful tool that allows you to answer text messages, phone calls, tracks your fitness, and even assists when taking photos. I love being able to use the quick reply function on my watch to quickly reply to a text with a simple answer. I also have the option to speak into my watch to reply with a longer text. I also love that my watch gives me the ability to be away from my phone and still be able to answer a phone call.

Just last week at the gym, I had my phone on the table by the door and I was working out about 15-20 feet away when my sister called. I was able to answer the phone from the machine I was working out on and make sure she didn’t need anything immediately.

The work out aspect of my watch is great. It counts my active calories burnt, my standing time, and my active minutes during the day. When I am at the gym about to start a certain activity, I can put it into the work out mode, so it monitors my heart rate and active measures during the activity. It gives me a variety of options to choose from like, swimming, biking, running, rowing, high-intensity workouts, and more.

I have specified goals that are designed to my height weight and activity. Which gives me an idea of the right amount of exercise I should be aiming to hit every day. I recently added a sleep tracking app to my phone and watch combo that tracks the amount of sleep I get at night and what kind of sleep it is. I find it very interesting to be able to track and review the next day.

I highly recommend anyone thinking about getting an Apple Watch to come into a local Inland Cellular store and try out the display watches and talk to the representatives that have them. I really enjoy my apple watch and the convenience it gives me throughout the day.