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Oh the little things that pop into our lives, we think will just be a fad for a little while but once you try it out, they end up sticking! Really well actually!

The Popsocket is one of the newer cell phone accessories that have come into the picture. This little device is a circle shaped, “handle” if you will, that sticks on the back of your phone and extends, “pops” out to create an easy way to carry or hold your cell phone.

They are a relatively low-priced item that makes life a whole lot easier. A unique thing about the Popsocket is the ability to take off the Popsocket and restick it to as many new phone cases you want to!

I really love that when I am carrying a whole armload of stuff and if I weren’t able to slip my phone in my pocket, it creates a nice handle that fits in between my finger so don’t drop my phone. It’s also nice that I can use the Popsocket to hold my bigger phone using just one hand. And yes, the Popsocket even allows me to read things on my phone while I am lying in bed, without dropping my phone on my face!

All Inland Cellular locations sell these useful little phone handles in a large variety of colors and designs! Check them out today!