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Sound Hound App Review

You know that feeling where you say to yourself “OMG, OMG, OMG I love this song!!!” but you do not know who the artist is? You ask everyone around you and they can sing bits and pieces of the chorus in between the humming and mumbling and can even explain what the artist looks like and that they saw them on David Letterman but no one can come up with the artists name. You think to yourself that there should be an app for your Android phone powered by Inland Cellular that can identify a song right out of thin air so you can go to ICMusic to download your new favorite song so you can blast it all summer.

Enough story telling, simply go to the Android Play Store (powered by Inland Cellular obviously) and download Sound Hound to your handset. When your favorite song comes back on all you have to do is open your Sound Hound app and tap the brigth yellow “What’s That Song” button and let Sound Hound go to work.

Sound Hound uses the microphone on your handset to listen to the music that surrounds you and then makes your day a little sweeter by Telling you the name of the artist, song and album within seconds. Does it get any easier than that? On top of all that it will give you the lyrics to the song as well so you can sing “Here’s my number, call me maybe.” instead of “Steal my thunder, call me crazy.”