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Soundcloud App Review

If you like hearing music in all stages, from creation to final product then I have the perfect app for you. It is called Soundcloud. Although is not brand new by any means but it is still not as well known as it could, or should be.



Soundcloud is a website where people that create music can have a place for others to hear it. You can set up your account so your fans can download the songs you want them to have access to but can only listen to the ones you are waiting to release on an album. The greatest part about Soundcloud is that they have taken the time to put together a great app that is available for your Android phone powered by Inland Cellular. The app allowes you to upload songs to your personal Soundcloud account from your phone as well as listen to tracks by other artists that you might be interested in.

As you “favorite” songs by other artists then Soundcloud will start recommending songs that you might like. This will help you get in touch with music you might not known was out there. The other great feature that Soundcloud offers is the ability to comment on songs. When you get to the part of any song that you like you can add a comment at that very part of the song and say what you like or even what you did not like. This gives the artists an idea of what his or her fans like about their music and that tool can be very helpful.

One last feature that Soundcloud provides is the ability to track the plays on a song you have uploaded. You get weekly and overall numbers on how many plays you get, how many people “favorite” your tracks and overall views of your account.

If you are interested in checking out you can click on my link, and hear what I do when I am not writting app reviews!