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The Spigen 3 in 1 Lens Kit

Have you ever been in the situation of trying to take a group selfie and couldn’t fit everyone in the shot? This is just the solution for you! The Spigen 3 in 1 lens kit contains 3 clip on lens’ that attach to your current smartphone camera.

The 3 lenses that are included in this kit are the fish eye lens, macro lens, and the wide angle lens.

The fish eye lens gives you an extreme 180 degree view angle. Just by attaching this lens you will get a whole new wide perspective.

The macro lens is your extreme zoom lens. It gives you a 10x zoom to take pictures of things very close up or very small.

The wide angle lens is that perfect selfie lens. It is the most versatile of the 3 and gives you the opportunity to get everyone in the picture.

Other smartphone camera lenses usually require a unique case or app but the Spigen lens allows you to use any case and any phone. Head in to one of our local stores today to give the Spigen lens a try!