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What can a Micro USB Cable do for you?

Ventev Chargesync Tangle-Free Micro USB Cables now available at Inland Cellular


Did you know that Micro USB Cables that come with your standard Android Smartphone do more than just charge your phone? The obvious thing is that Micro USB cables charge your Inland Cellular powered Smartphone, but that’s not all they do. The Micro USB cable can be plugged into a computer to transfer information including Pictures and Music from your Smartphone onto the computer. It’s simple pick up your  Micro USB cable and plug it in to your computer and enjoy transferring information from your smartphone to your computer and vice versa. You can never have enough Micro USB cables carry one in your purse or car. The Ventev Chargesync Tangle-Free Micro USB Cables available at Inland Cellular come in multiple colors like orange, pink, blue, and grey. Stop by your nearest Inland Cellular store to check out our line up of Ventev Chargesync Tangle-Free Micro USB cable. If you have an issue with transferring information between your phone and computer call your Inland Cellular Sales Representative for troubleshooting and questions.