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Why Choose Inland Cellular?


Why choose Inland Cellular over any other carrier?


That is a great question. The number one answer is customer service. When you walk into an Inland store we like to make you feel like you’re at home. We like to treat you like part of our family. To us you are a face and a name not a number. We know you and not your phone number. I’ll be honest I don’t necessarily know every customer that walks through the door but I do know the face.

We listen to you. When a customer comes in with a concern or an issue we sit down with you and do what it takes to fix the issue. If there is a tower outage we fix it as fast as we can.

Our pricing is out of this world. We save people hundreds of dollars every time they switch to us. We also offer a $100 switch from competitor discount. Also we understand that some people do not have the best credit, but if there is a deposit that is required it is much less than our competitors.

What other company’s customer service reps will text you back or take your call at any time? If a customer calls me in the middle of the night and I’m in a dead sleep I will take the call to help you the customer. I know all of our customer service reps will drop what they are doing for you the customer.

Tech support is done in house and not through a phone. I recently had an experience where the customer went in to the store with an issue on their device. The “tech support person” didn’t try anything they passed them off to a phone. Long story short they did absolutely nothing. Coming into an Inland Cellular store we take the time to sit down with the device and figure out the issue. If we can’t fix the issue we give you a free loaner phone and send it off to get the issue fixed.

The bottom line is at Inland Cellular we care about you, our customer!

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  1. Jon Robison on January 31, 2013 at 3:07 pm

    A quote on this directly from one of our customers “I like them because it is the ultimate in “buying local” because of what they give back to the communities they serve. And their business cards are off the hook!”