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Ventev PowerCell Wireless Charger


Have you ever been out with friends, at an event, or at work and your cell phone notifies you that your battery is getting low? It’s so nice to have peace of mind with a wireless charger that I can easily keep in my car, backpack, or purse. Inland Cellular sells the Ventev wireless charger at all of the sale locations.

I spend a lot of time camping in the summer and LOVE to take photos with my phone. We see a lot of beautiful country and I love being able to share and keep the memories forever. But when you don’t have electricity to charge your phone, it’s great to be able to rely on a wireless charger to keep me snapping photos all weekend.

Device Specs:

Ventev Power Cell 3015c

Has a built-in Apple/Micro USB/Type C cable attached to each of the portable chargers. (One per charger)

Adds up to 12 hours of talk time per full charge

Sleek design for easy carrying, storing, packing.

Charges with a Micro USB adapter.

Recharge time: 3-4 hours

3000mAh battery