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Zedge App Review

Without a doubt, one of the most customized part of an individuals cell phone is their ring tone. Not only do you hear top ten songs from just about every era but there have been several occasions where I have heard Elk Calls, Chicken Clucks and Wolf Howls. You can get pretty much anything as a ring tone now days, you just need to know where to find it. Here is your queue, grab your Android Phone powered by Inland Cellular and go to the Play Store app on your phone and search for Zedge.

Zedge is a free app full of songs, sounds and jingles that are easy to download to your phone and set as ringtones or notification sounds. Zedge allows you to get short sounds from some of your favorite shows and cartoons so you can even customize your text and email notifications as well.












I have the downloaded the Mario Brothers theme song and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song as well. I like the way they remind me of when I was a kid. I like the way ring tones set your phone apart from the everyone elses.

So download Zedge to your Android phone powered by Inland Cellular and turn up the volume and blast your new ring tone everywhere you go!


Gik Out!!