Network Outage Update

Updated 8/18 2:21pm

After network restoration early this morning, some customers began receiving a calling error message in isolated areas. Early testing did not reveal these calling errors. 

Our techs are narrowing in on the issue, and this process is taking longer than anticipated; however, we expect a resolution soon.

Thank you for your patience. We appreciate those of you who’ve reached out with specific information to assist us in the process.

Update 8/18 @ 10:03am

The Inland Cellular Network has been restored. Our voice and data services should be functioning as normal before the outage.

Minor adjustments and testing will continue throughout the weekend. Please turn your device off, wait a moment, then power your device back on.

Our team worked hard to complete this massive task and will continue to work through the weekend. We are thankful for your support and patience.



Uh-Oh my phone is gone! What do I do now?!

1. Review your last steps where did you leave your phone? 2. Call Inland Cellular and get your phone turned off so that no one can use it. When we do shut your phone off that means that no one can use it for Text messaging or Calling, however they can still access all of…

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Samsung Smart Switch

What’s the hardest thing about switching phones? Waiting a fortnight for all of your stuff to transfer! Samsung has addressed this issue and switching to a new Samsung phone is a breeze! Have a smartphone already that isn’t a Samsung Device? No Problem! Download Samsung Smart Switch Mobile from Google Play and boom! All you…

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ProCharge Mobile Payment Solution

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Inland Cellular is now a proud partner with ProCharge Mobile; a service that allows you to take your business everywhere and accept payments on the go from your smartphone or tablet! Since its launch in February 2013, ProCharge Mobile has been simplifying payment processing…

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Glide App Review

Texting is cool and everything, but if you have an option to send a video text, would you? If your answer was “Yes, Christopher, I sure would send a video chat!” then you need to check out Glide in the Android Play store.   Glide is that app that lets you send video texts to…

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Evernote Food

The social media app for foodies is here! Evernote Food, available in the Android Play store is the best app for anyone looking for recipes to cook at home or a nice place to eat out. Keep track of recipes you have enjoyed or would like to try in your “My Cookbook” part of the…

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Waze App

The growing beast known as “Social Media” is back at it! You have your outlet for pictures with Instagram, an outlet for video with Vine, an outlet for your thoughts with Twitter and the ever popular Facebook that keeps you in the know with your friends and family.   Try to make a list of…

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Hulu +

If you follow a TV show religiously then you need to get to the Google Play store and download Hulu+ ASAP. Hulu+ has episodes from all your favorite shows, like The Office, Family Guy, Glee and many more. With the convenience of being able to watch your favorite TV series on your wireless handset you can stay up…

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Flick Golf App

FOUR!   With golf season being in full swing, Flick Golf  is the app you need to dial in your long driving skills when you cannot make it to the course for 18 holes.   Flick Golf takes you to some of the nicest imaginary golf courses in the world! Practice your drives from your pretend…

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Pinterest Android App

    Back in the day people with similar interests in a community would gather once a week or so and work on cars, knit blankets or quilts, put together scrap books or participate in group activities with like minded people so they could all learn from each other.  Techniques for whatever craft they were…

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Vine App

The social media trend is not going to take a break for one second. Apps that upload to your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook continue to be introduced daily. Vine is one of the newest and most popular additions to the Android Play store with a user friendly and professional interface that is worth checking out.  …

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