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Glide App Review

Texting is cool and everything, but if you have an option to send a video text, would you? If your answer was “Yes, Christopher, I sure would send a video chat!” then you need to check out Glide in the Android Play store.


Glide is that app that lets you send video texts to one, or a multitude of your friend! I hear that thought in the back of your head asking yourself why you would get Glide as opposed to video chat, so I will clear that up right quick. Glide sends a video TEXT, which means that the receiver can view and reply when convenient. A video chat requires both people to be in a place where they chat. If one person is busy, then your video chat will not take place. With Glide, that does not happen!


Glide has a number of features that make it the simple, fun and easy way to keep in touch with the homies. Some of the features include one tap broadcasting, no uploading or downloading, and it uses half the data that a video chat would use, and Glide groups that let you send to multiple contacts! Sweet, right?!


Check out Glide today and keep in touch with the cool kids in a cool way!