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Beats by Dre @ Inland Cellular

Beats headphones now available at Inland Cellular


During the 3, 2, 1 promo what would go better with your free HTC One V? A pair of Beats headphones! What are Beats headphones? In layman’s terms beats headphones are like Bose for the new generation. With awesome bass and noise cancel Beats headphones are a must have for headphones. As a warning they do come at a price tag of $199.99. Let me tell you from experience though they are the best headphones out there. Being a former DJ I used beats headphones during my sets and they were the best investment I have ever made. I recently purchased 2 more pair of beats headphones (yes I like them that much!) With my family being in the Midwest Beats headphones are perfect for my long plane trips and with noise cancelling I don’t have to listen to the rustle of the engine or the crying baby 2 rows behind me. Beats are also perfect for going to the gym to workout, or just walking from point A to B. Stop by your nearest Inland Cellular to ask for a demo today! I promise you won’t regret it. Plus it’s a good way to spend your tax refund!