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Parental Board Control App

Parental Board Control ( the solution for keeping track of your kids’ phone usage and whereabouts.


Parental Board cannot be deleted the same way that a traditional app would be. This means that if you add the Parental Board app to your children’s’ cellular device that they will not be able to uninstall the app from their handset or tablet as long as the group/family administrator does not allow it.

Parents can monitor all areas of their children’s’ devices from apps that are downloaded to how much battery life they have left. You can even make black and white lists for calls that will control who your young ones talk to as well as websites. Black and white lists for websites allows you to lock the invisible door to any web sites that you specify.

The most impressive feature that Parental Board has is called the Geofence. You can set a perimeter in your city and if your offspring wonder beyond the cyber boundaries you will get instant notifications straight to your device alerting you of the escape artist.

Another feature that is pretty exciting is the child’s ability to send an emergency alarm to both parents at any time for any reason. This can come in handy for so many situations that would  keep your children safe.

It is pretty easy to see why Parental Board is considered one of the Parental Control apps on the market.