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As busy as people are these days, whether self inflicted or forced, its hard to find time to keep up with your favorite magazines. I realized this when I found a stack of magazines in my mail box that needed to be read. I took them camping with me so I could try and get caught up but that was an epic fail!

After the weekend the wheels in my head started spinning and I grabbed my Android phone powered by Inland Cellular and started roaming around. Low and behold, all the magazines I enjoy reading where available for download directly to my device. How sweet is that?

Because I enjoy camping and being out doors I went for the 4×4 magazines and found 4Wheel Drive Magazine. Because I like cars and trucks I kept hunting around and found Modified Magazine, the magazine that focuses on car performance on tracks as well as some rally based reads. There was also Street Rodder magazine which is dedicated to classic hot rods. If you are into any type of vehicles there is more than enough reading available on the topic in the Android PlayStore.

Another passion of mine is heath and fitness so I gravitated to that area of the PlayStore to see what was available. I found several magazines like Triathlete Magazine as well as magazines about yoga and even Vegetarian Magazine. Now I am in no way prepared to do a triathlon any time soon but I am inspired by some of the stories and advice available in the magazines. The same goes for being a vegetarian, I eat meat but healthy is healthy and you can get some pretty amazing recipes that are vegetarian based.

When it comes to your image and being well dressed, what magazines take better care of you than Bazaar, Glamour or GQ? All three magazines and several more are ready for download to your Android Phone powered by Inland Cellular.

Whatever your interests are you can fin a magazine that fits your taste from cooking to sports to travel its all in the Android PlayStore. Stop by your nearest Inland Cellular store and we can show you how to get caught up on your favorite magazines!


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