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Funny Camera App Review

Do you love taking pictures? Would you love to get great pictures of your friend’s face on a celebrities body? If you would then you are going to love having Funny Camera on your Android phone powered by Inland Cellular.


Simply go to the Android Play Store and search for Funny Camera. Download it to your phone and in minutes you can capture photos of your friends and family as Super Heroes or Celebrities from your favorite movies, video games or even sports teams.


Funny Camera also integrates seamlessly with Facebook to let you upload your funny photos right to Facebook! Other features on the Funny Cam app include different art tools to help match the skin of your fiends or family with the skin of the celebrity, movie star or athlete that you are trying to make them look like. You can rotate the image to tilt someone’s face and make it fit into the frame of your choice.


So if you think you and your friends would make a great celebrity or that your face would look better on your favorite magazine then download Funny Camera on your Inland Cellular Android phone and have a blast!!


Turn It On!!


Chris Jonlick
AKA The Gik