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Pulse App Review

These days, there are so many magazines and web sites that focus on specific topics from photography to snowboarding to fashion to fitness. I have recently come across an app that lets you surf through the top articles of your favorite magazines from your smart phone. Its called Pulse and it is available in the Play Store on your Android phone.


Pulse gives you your own set of pages and each page has seven rows that you can set to feed from your favorite magazines straight to your smart phone. I only have one page set up currently but Popular Photography, Outdoor Life, HYPEBEAST and Men’s Fitness are four of the seven I have loaded on my first page. Each magazine gets its own row that updates as the magazine puts out new articles. For example, if Transworld Snowboarding Magazine adds a new article to its online magazine then anyone that has Transworld on one of their Pulse pages they will get a notification similar to a text messages but it has its own notification icon.


The best way to stay connected with your favorite magazines is to download Pulse to your Android phone and pick your favorite magazines and READ ON!!!


-Gik out