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Work from home with our gear

Social distancing and working from home may be a necessity for now, and while it is we have the gear to help! As many of us ride out the COVID-19 pandemic by shifting our workplace into the home, we are finding that we need our technology to be up to the task.

Working from home presents its own challenges like being cooped up with your partner, roommate(s), kids, roommate’s kids, etc. Everyone’s schedules could be completely different, and therefore, distractions are bound to happen.

The good news is, we have gear that works from home with you. Ways to get the gear you need:

  1. Talk to our experts via chat and arrange a curbside pickup
  2. Call us and we’ll bring it out to you when you get here
  3. Send us an email
  4. Our stores are currently open, click here to see our temporary hours



Our connected tablets give you the ability to work from almost anywhere. With a variety of screen sizes to choose from, you can get your work done, video chat with your family and friends, or keep the kids entertained all with one device.

    • Apple – iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini & iPad 7th Gen.
    • Samsung – Tab S5e
    • LG – G Pad 5


Bluetooth Speakers-

Music is a great way to pass the day, get the creativity flowing and help cover distracting background noise. Our Bluetooth speakers make it easy to get quality sound and easily connect to your phone or computer.

    • JBL –
      • Flip 5 – Powerful, lightweight, rugged, waterproof, 12+ hours of playtime.
      • Clip 3 – Ultra-portable w/ carabiner, rugged, waterproof, 10+ hours of playtime.
      • Go 2 – Portable, waterproof, noise-canceling speakerphone, 5+ hours of playtime.
    • Braven –
      • X/2 – Waterproof, shockproof, booming bass, 18-hour battery life.
      • BRV 360 – Waterproof, 100 ft. range, built-in voice control & charger, 12-hr playtime.
      • BRV Mini – Waterproof (it floats too), speakerphone, 12-hr playtime.
      • BRV 105 – Waterproof, shockproof, mountable, 8-hr playtime.


Bluetooth Headphones-

If you aren’t the only one working from your home you’ll need the music straight to your ear. Turn the music on and the rest of the world off so you can focus, or maybe just peacefully relax. We have a style of Bluetooth headphones to fit your needs.

    • Apple –
      • Airpods Gen2– 5-hrs. listening per charge, wireless charging, one-tap setup.
      • Airpods Pro– 4.5-hrs. listening per charge, noise-canceling, custom fit, wireless charging.
    • Beats by Dre. –
      • Beats Solo 3 Wireless – Over-the-ear, noise-canceling, 22+ hrs. playtime, fast charge.
      • PowerBeats Pro – In-ear w/ ear hooks, water-resistant, wireless, 9+ hrs. playtime.
      • PowerBeats 3 – In-ear w/ ear hooks, the cable connects earbuds, 15+ hrs. playtime.
    • JBL –
      • Tune 120 – Cord-free earbuds, portable charging case, 16+ hrs. of playtime.
    • Braven –
      • Flye Rush – Waterproof, cord connects earbuds, inline remote, 12+ hrs. playtime.
    • JLAB –
      • Jbuds Air – Wireless, auto-on, portable charging case, 24-hrs. playtime.
      • Jbuds Air Icon – Wireless, auto-on, portable charging case, dual-connect, 24hrs. playtime
    • iFrogz –
      • Airtime Pro – Wireless, auto-pairing, portable charging case, 20 hr. battery life.


Wireless Charging-

You’re using your devices more than ever! Wireless charging is convenient and there’s no mess of cords in your workspace.

    • Samsung –
      • Wireless Charger Duo – Charge up to 2 Qi-compatible devices by setting them down on the ChargePad.
    • Ventev –
      • Wireless ChargeStand – Qi and Fast Wireless Charging with a stand
      • Wireless ChargePad+ – Qi and Fast Wireless Charging on a sleek cloth-covered puck
      • Wireless ChargePad Duo – Qi & Fast Wireless Charging x2 (2 devices at once)

Happy working from home!