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InstaPicFrame for Instagram


With social media being bigger than ever before, you will see more and more people posting pictures to their Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. I frequently check the Android Play Store for new camera apps that may have come out. I recently came across an app that lets you edit pictures and its specific for Instagram. It is called InstaPicFrame for Instagram ( like I said before it is available in the Android Play Store.

When you are on Instagram and you see a post by someone that you follow that has multiple pictures in a single post, that is what InstaPicFrame does. You can either take pictures within the app or load them from your Gallery that you have on your phone.

You can use three different photos and use the “Random” option to shake up your photos into different orders with random sized and shapes. You are also able to download backgrounds in plaid, stars or other color arrangements to give you more options and styles for your photos.

Once you get the hang of the app, which will not take long, it is a ton of fun to play around and create a Cellular Masterpiece!