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Power on the Go!

You know that feeling, about mid-afternoon, when you need another cup of coffee or an energy drink to make it through a busy day of running around without mentally collapsing? Your smart phone is no different!


If you are using GPS, checking emails and social media pages all day your smart phone is going to run through more battery than if you were only texting a little bit and taking some calls.


Obviously getting your Android phone a Vanilla Late’ is not going to do it any good. Instead, you drink the Late’ and head over to Inland Cellular to pick up a car charger.


Keeping a car charger (or CLA as we call them) in your sports car, monster truck or mini van will add a little more convenience to your world. If you are racing around with your top down, plug your phone in and by the time you reach the finish line you should have a full charge to keep you posting pictures of your speeding ticket to your Instagram. If you are going mudding around in your camo painted rig, get that CLA plugged into your Android phone that way you can humiliate your friends by posting videos of you pulling them out of ditches. Or if you simply want to make sure you get plenty of pictures of your little soccer star, make sure you get a car charger in that mini van.


No matter what type of lifestyle you live, a car charger, or CLA, can make your life a little bit more enjoyable!