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Stick Skater Pro App Review

Growing up, my favorite activity was skateboarding. I was obsessed with it and it consumed a huge part of my life. Even now, if I pass a skate park I have to stop and get out for fifteen minutes or so and watch the other skateboarders do their thing. I get so jealous! Instead of taking the beating on my knees and other important parts of my body by skateboarding again I decided to try and find a skateboarding game for my Android phone powered by Inland Cellular. What did I find, you ask, Stick Skater Pro!

Stick Skater Pro is a game that involves jumping and doing tricks over picnic tables, street cones and gaps. You get to grind rails over sets of stairs and across big trucks. Your goal is to get from the start to the finish without crashing or “Bailing” as they call it. There are several areas in the game that require just the right combination of speed and rhythm to get through. You can increase your score by adding an extra trick into the combination. Real tricks that skateboarders do, like 360 flips, pop shuvits and kick flips with make your score jump up significantly and help improve your overall score.

What I like about Stick Skater Pro is that it is not just a free skate game but rather a game with goals and challenges. There is a High Score, No Falls and an All Tokens coin that will improve your overall percentage. So if you make it all the way through the course without falling, add extra tricks where you can and then get all the blue coins that are on the level you get all three tokens and have completed the level. You can use more lives, get no coins and do few tricks but get to the end you still get to go to the next level but why would you do that when skateboarding is all about the “Go Big Or Go Home” mentality?

Just like all the other great apps out there, you can find Stick Skater Pro in the Android Play Store on your smart phone powered by Inland Cellular. There is a free version that has eight levels or you can buy the actual app for under two dollars. Stick Skater Pro also has a ton of great reviews also, so you can feel comfortable downloading it to your device!


Until next time this is the “Gik” saying “Cowabunga Dude!!”


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