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Strava App Review

I do not know about you but I am a very competitive person. Most of my friends are as well. Completing a workout is never enough, we have to throw some silly competition in at the end when we are exhausted to see who can do the highest box jump, the most push ups or the hardest pull ups. If there is an opportunity to compete, we will find it and we will do it!

In the spirit of competition I grabbed my Android phone and went to the Google Play Store and found the Strava apps. There is a Strava Cycling app and a Strava Run app! Both apps allow you to track your run or ride and see your distance, pace, elevation gained and calories burned. You can view maps and elevation profiles to track your run or ride and hear audio updates of your pace, distance and time wile you are burning those calories. You can keep track of your runs or rides so you know when you have set a new personal record.






My favorite part of the Strava apps is that it not only will keep record of your times but it will also keep record of your friends’ times as well. This is where the competition begins. You can compare your time with your friends and make your way up the leader board until you are number one. You can also compare your time with the professionals and see how hard you need to push yourself to get on that level.

Strava Run and Strava Cycling both let you know where the most popular places to pedal that bike or pound that pavement are in your home town and when you are out of town for work or vacation you can find the greatest and most popular places to work on your fitness and get your energy out.


If you are wanting to track your own runs, rides and times or compete with your friends, then the Strava apps are for you.