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True Wireless Earbuds

Let’s talk about two out of the many Wireless Earbud options we offer at Inland Cellular.



These are the Tune 225 Wireless Earbuds from JBL. When you’re looking at truly wireless earbuds, of course, the one thing you want to think about is playtime. These have really great battery life. You’re going to get five hours of playtime and the case holds another 20 hours. The nice part about these earbuds is you get a really nice bass sound out of them and you get calling integrated as well as a voice assistant. These also have a charging indicator light on the inside of the case you can get a quick idea of how much battery life you have. The Tune 225 also has fast charging capability so if they’re about dead all you need is 15 minutes of charge and you’re going to get another hour of playtime.



Then we have the SkullCandy SeshEvo True Wireless Earbuds. You’re going to get five hours of playtime out of the buds and the case holds an extra 19 hours. These earbuds are compatible with any Bluetooth-capable device and one of the really nice things about these is, you can use each bud solo, so if you still want to hear what’s going on around you, you can just put one in and still listen to music. These SeshEvo earbuds have a water-resistant rating of IP55 which makes them water, sweat, and dust resistant, so they’re perfect for when you’re working out. If you’re worried about losing your earbuds these have a built-in Tile Tracker making them easy to find.


True Wireless Earbuds from Inland Cellular are a great gift for anyone who is out and about or just loves music. Stop by your nearest Inland Cellular today and find a pair that fits you!