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Home Internet in Dayton, WA

We’re excited to announce our home internet connectivity in the Dayton, Washington community. This connectivity uses fixed wireless technology and offers up to 50 Mbps speed package to eligible homes. Fiber to the home is also coming to Dayton. Customers who install our internet service will receive a Free Fiber Upgrade when the Port of Columbia completes that project. In addition, our routers are gig capable, making them an excellent solution for fiber internet in the future.

Click here for more information and to request internet to your home:

We want to congratulate the Port of Columbia on securing grant funding for the open-access fiber to the home development. This project is estimated to be completed within the next 18 months and will allow 1,139 households and 140 businesses in Dayton access to fiber internet. Fiber connectivity will enable communities to remain attractive to residents and businesses, meet current health care needs, and provide education and community growth opportunities. 

The Port of Columbia will manage the fiber project, and you can get updates on their website: 


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